Silicone being applied to Bora Hob

Bora/Miele Inset Hobs 

The cooktop extractor systems are becoming more and more popular in the kitchen, where these units fit flush with your worktops there cna be gaps left where food and liquids can escape. Silicone can cover these gaps and blend with the worktop nicely with the range of colours we have available. 
Bora/Miele Hobs  
These cooktop extractor systems are designed to fit flush with your worktops and be pleasing to the eye with their minimalist design, using Silicone to cover the gap between the sytem and your cooktops really creates a seamless install and completes the system.  
We know that you take great pride in the appearance of your kitchen from the types on stone used, grout colours and finishes, and can be let down by the silicone in your kitchen, which is the final touch at the end of your project.  
We offer a variety of colours, over 100 in fact. Silicone can come in a glossy or matt finish too. As kitchen silicone experts, we will not apply the wrong silicone.  
What colour? What size? Matt of glossy? Anti fungal? Stone sensitive? 
Take the guess work out and get the right kitchen silicone with the help and guidance from Gould ASilicone Sealants. Professional silicone sealers serving in London, Kent, the South East and in fact NATIONWIDE. 
Miele hob on cooktop sealed with a dark silicone to match the hob
Miele Hob with a dark silicone to match colour of the hob
Bora hob with mastic join to match the woktop colour
Bora hob with mastic join to match the worktop
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