Silicone being applied to Bora Hob


Provide the perfect finish to your new flooring, it is becoming more and more popular to silicone seal new flooring whether its laminate, wooden, vinyl or tile.  
Have you had new flooring fitted to your home and looking to get that final finishing touch? Silicone can be applied to all types of flooring including Vinyl, Laminate, tile and wood to name a few. There are multiple reasons to apply silicone to flooring including hiding gaps between the floor and skirting, insulation especially if under flooor heating has been installed and also hygeine reasons as it prevents things getting into the gaps between skirting and floor.  
We know that you take great pride in the appearance of your house from the types on flooring used, floor colours and finishes, and can be let down by the silicone on your brand new flooring, which would be the final touch at the end of your project.  
We offer a variety of colours, over 100 in fact. Silicone can come in a glossy or matt finish too. As kitchen silicone experts, we will not apply the wrong silicone.  
What colour? What size? Matt of glossy? Anti fungal? Stone sensitive? 
Take the guess work out and get the right floor silicone with the help and guidance from Gould Silicone Sealants. Professional silicone sealers serving in London, Kent, the South East and in fact NATIONWIDE. 
Matching silicone marble floooring and skirting
White silicone applied to laminate flooring and white silicone
Grey silicone to match skirting colour applied to floor
Silicone to match grout colour applied to stone tile floor
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