How To Remove Bath Sealant 
It's no secret that over time the Silicone around your bath can become discoloured or damaged, this is due in part to it's exposure to water and the products that you will be using while bathing or showering. This leaves your bathroom looking anything but clean and requires removal. 
Unfortunately Silicone removal isn't as easy as it sounds and many things can go wrong, this could be damage to your bathroom, tiles, walls or even yourself unless carried out properly. This guide will show you how to safely and efficiently removed your old bath silicone. 
When looking at the best way to remove silicone there are a few options :  
A Stanley Knife is typically the go to tool for Silicone removal and is the most effective but it comes with risks including possibly cutting yourself or damaging your bathroom unless used properly and safely. 
Stanley Knife
When removing Silicone with a Stanley Knife you should use the following procedure :  
Cut the Lengths of the Silicone along wall and underneath, this will help seperate the Silicone effectively and enable you hopefully to pull the Silicone off in a long strip. 
Now all that is left to do is remove the leftover pieces of Silicone slowly and carefully ensuring not to damage your bathroom suite. 
If you are looking for a safer option to remove old Silicone you can also buy a Silicone remover tool this is designed specifically for the safe and effective removal of old silicone. 
These tools have been designed for the safe removal of Silicone carrying less risk of damage, they are available for a little more than a Stanley Knife but come with the added benefit of being an all in one tool that can also be used to smooth Silicone once it has been applied to any area. 
There are also Silicone Removal Gels that are an effective low cost option at easy silicone removal but take more time to complete, this is due in part to having to apply the gel to the area you wish to remove and leaving it to work in for a couple of hours. Once it has been left to break down the old silicone it should take away all of the hard work and scrape away far easier, If there are any areas where you have parts of silicone left then the gel can also be used to break this down. 
Silicone Removal can be carried out by anyone if care is taken whilst working with the tools and chemicals as mentioned above, safety is incredibly important and we recommend taking your time while removing your old silicone. We hope that the steps above help you complete the removal of your mouldy or damaged silicone and help you prepare your bath for new Mastic to be reapplied. 
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