Silicone sealant is a type of adhesive material that is used to seal and bond various surfaces. It is made from a mixture of silicone polymer, fillers, and additives that provide excellent adhesion, flexibility, and resistance to weathering and chemicals. Silicone sealant is commonly used in household and industrial application because of its versatility. 
There are several types of silicone sealant, and each has unique properties that make them suitable for specific applications. Some of the most common types of silicone sealant include :  
High Modulus Silicone  
This is the most common type of Silicone used in bathrooms, kitchens and floors.  
Releases an acid during curing to help the process. 
Suitable for Glass, Metals and Ceramics making it suitable for many applications. 
Not recommended for certain stones and concrete due to the acid causing discolouration during the curing process. 
Low Modulus Silicone  
Natural curing silicone. 
Suitable for bonding porous and non porous surfaces. 
Can be used on Stone, Concrete and plastics due to it not cauising staining.  
Non Migrating Silicone 
Suitable for marble and natural stone surfaces making it popular for kitchen application. 
Causes no staining to natural stone surfaces.  
Perfect for interior and exterior application. 
High Temperature Sealant 
Designed to withstand very high temperatures. 
Popular in industrial and automotive applications due to its heat resistant properties. 
Silicone sealant is a versatile adhesive material that is suitable for various applications. Different types of Sealant have unique properties that make them suitable for specific applications. Proper application is crucial for achieving the desired results. With its many advantages, mastic is an excellent choice for bonding and sealing various surfaces and adding that finishing touch to your home. 
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