Marine and swimming pool sealant solutions 

Gould Silicone Sealants is a trusted name in the marine and swimming pool sealant industry, offering over 40 years of experience, flawless finishes, and full UK coverage. 
With a huge variety of specialised sealants and a team of qualified professionals all heavily experienced in selecting and applying sealant to swimming pools and marine structure we guarantee a visually pleasing, long-lasting and watertight result. 

What our sealants offer 

When it comes to the joints in swimming pools, marine structures and other permanently wet areas it is essential to choose the right sealant. Our swimming pool and marine sealants are designed to provide superior UV resistance, ensuring longevity and durability even in the harshest sunlight. Our sealants effectively prevent any chance of fungal attack, keeping your pool hygienic and safe for use. 
Most importantly, our silicone sealants offer unparalleled water penetration prevention. This means that you can rest assured, knowing that your pool's structure is safeguarded against potential water damage, thereby increasing the lifespan of your pool and reducing the need for frequent costly repairs. 
Additionally, our silicone sealants are designed to resist high levels of chlorine, ensuring that the seal remains intact, protecting your investment and providing a consistently beautiful and functional swimming pool. 

Our range of swimming pool and marine sealants include 

When it comes to silicone sealants used in swimming pools and marine environments, we have a wide range available and always offer free expert advice on which would be the best for your needs. 

100% silicone sealants 

These sealants are commonly used in swimming pools and marine environments due to their excellent UV resistant and water repelling properties. They provide a permanent elastic seal that withstands constant exposure to water and weather conditions. 

Waterproof silicone sealants 

This type of silicone sealant is specifically designed for use in wet areas, including swimming pools. It offers high water resistance and forms a durable seal that prevents leaks and moisture penetration. Their unique composition gives them a particularly high resistance to fungal attack. 

Neutral cure silicone sealants 

Neutral curing silicone sealant cures without releasing any acidic or corrosive byproducts whilst still offering very good resistance; making them suitable for use in sensitive environments like swimming pools and marine structures. They offer good adhesion to various surfaces, have high chlorine resistance and provide long-lasting sealing properties. 

Epoxy silicone hybrid sealants 

These sealants combine the benefits of epoxy and silicone, offering excellent adhesion and durability. They are often used in marine environments where high strength and resistance to water and chemicals are required. 
Our silicone services are not only designed to offer a barrier of protection to frequently wet areas but also to offer seamless integration with their aesthetic. We offer a wide selection of swimming pool sealants in various colours to effectively seal and match different substrates, creating the desired aesthetic. 
Colours include: 
Light grey 
Concrete grey 
Bahama beige 
Natural stone 
And many more! 
Our knowledgeable team can advise on the suitable sealant for your specific requirements, and our skilled applicators ensure proper installation using high-quality materials. 
Contact us today for expert advice and a free quote. 

Why choose Gould Silicone Sealants? 

At Gould Silicone Sealants, our team of highly rated sealant and mastic professionals are well-equipped to handle all types of sealant applications. Fully compliant with all risk and method statements, our sealant applicators have extensive training and experience, ensuring that your project is completed to the highest standard. 
Gould Silicone Sealants are accredited by CHAS, CITB, CSCS, IOSH, IPAF, NAPFIS, and PAL, ensuring that we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards in the industry. By choosing our services, you're guaranteed a flawless finish every time. 
By choosing Gould Silicone Sealants for your swimming pool or marine structure project, you not only receive high-quality sealants but also comprehensive, professional application services. 
Call today to get talking to our friendly team of sealant specialists. 


Q: How do I choose the right sealant for my swimming pool or marine structure? 
A: Our expert team will help you select the best sealant for your specific application, taking into consideration factors such as environment, structural requirements, and potential risks. 
Q: Can I apply the sealant myself? 
A: While it's possible to apply sealant on your own, enlisting a professional applicator like Gould Silicone Sealants is highly recommended to ensure a seamless, long-lasting result. 
Q: How long will it take for the sealant to cure? 
A: The cure time will vary depending on the sealant type and environmental factors. Our team will provide you with an estimated cure time during the application process. 
Q: How often should I reapply sealant to my swimming pool or marine structure? 
A: With proper maintenance and care, our sealants can last for several years. However, it's recommended to have regular inspections and reapplications as needed to maintain optimal protection. Our team will also provide you with tailored maintenance advice for your specific project. 

Contact us today to get started! 

Gould Silicone Sealants is your one-stop-shop for all your swimming pool and marine sealant needs. Our range of high-quality silicone sealants offers superior protection against UV rays, water damage, and fungal attacks, ensuring the longevity of your structure. 
With a variety of colours and types available, our team will help you select the best sealant for your project and provide professional application services to guarantee a flawless finish. 
Contact us today for expert advice and a free quote. Protect your investment with Gould Silicone Sealants. 
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