Mastic Man Romford 

Mastic and sealants play a crucial role in projects, but their importance is sometimes overlooked. 
Sealant can serve different purposes in various projects such as installing a new bathroom in a house, working on a large commercial project, or an outdoor high access surface. Its main goal is to create a barrier that can prevent water and air from penetrating and discourage bacteria growth. 
Applying a professional sealant to a surface or joint can offer durable protection and improve the aesthetics of the area. 

Specialist Sealant Applicator in Romford 

Gould Silicone Sealants is a highly experienced sealant provider in Romford and South London, with a track record of over 40 years of excellent work in both commercial and residential projects. Our mastic sealant services are widely used for sealing swimming pools, windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms, walls, floors, and showers. 
Throughout our history, we have successfully provided bespoke solutions to our clients for projects of varying sizes, scopes, and budgets. 
A little more about us: 
Satisfying customers since 1981 
Only ever use the finest quality sealants and apply them with total precision 
CHAS, CITB,CSCS, IOSH and IPAF accredited professional team 
We complete both residential and commercial projects 
Fully insured and qualified 
To get a free cost estimate for your project, get in touch with our helpful team of experts today. 

Industries we cover 

Mastic has diverse uses and applications, thus our services cater to various industries. 


Our sealant solutions are perfect for your commercial project. We have experience working on various types of projects including gyms, offices, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, vets, kennels, retail outlets, and more. Our solutions are reliable, professional, and cost-effective. 


Our company provides residential sealant services of unbeatable quality. Our specialty lies in achieving impeccable finishes for bathrooms, including the sink, toilet, and shower, in order to prevent mould buildup and leaks. Additionally, we offer sealing services for external windows and doors. We guarantee perfect finishes for every job we undertake. 

Residential construction sites 

Our company offers silicone services for both interior and exterior work on residential construction sites. We provide a free consultation during which we can discuss the details of your project and show you a colour chart that you or your architect can choose from. Throughout the project, we handle risk and method statements for our work and keep them updated. 

Industrial and warehouses 

We provide industrial sites, warehouses, and manufacturing units with high-quality mastic application to prevent water infiltration through weak joints, cracks, or holes in walls and floors.  
Our services are available throughout the country. 

Professional Mastic Sealant Contractors in Romford 

Our team at Gould Silicone Sealants has received accreditations from CHAS and certifications from IPAF, IOSH, and CSCS proving our expertise in providing high access silicone services. We possess advanced skills for applying mastic in difficult and inaccessible places. For reaching heights of up to 25 metres, we utilise specialised equipment such as cherry pickers, scissor lifts, and boom ladders. 
No matter the industry, our team is dedicated to ensuring that silicone sealant is applied with complete accuracy and precision for every project. 
To learn more about our mastic man services or to request a free quote, please contact us today. 

Our sealant range 

Our sealants come in a range of colours and our team can perfectly match the colour of the sealant to the surrounding surface for a seamless look. 
Our professionals provide guidance to help you choose the most suitable type of sealant for your project. Furthermore, we offer a variety of sealant types in addition to the wide range of colours available. 
These include: 
Modified Polymer 
Acrylic Sealant 
Low Modulus 
Mid Modulus 
High Modulus 
Anti-Fungal Silicone 
Anti Pick Mastic / Silicone 
Natural Stone Mastic / Silicone 
Non Bleeding Mastic / Silicone 
Get in touch with our team now to receive expert advice and a quote without any obligations. The consultation is completely free. 


What is a mastic man? 
A mastic man has the expertise to apply silicone in the appropriate colour, using the correct tools and materials, to any joint or surface. 
What is silicone? 
Silicone is a man-made substance that has different colours and remains flexible. It is great for sealing joints that are prone to moisture because it can resist mildew and doesn't let water through. It's important to note that the strength of Low and High Modulus silicone can differ. 
What is the difference between low and high modulus? 
Low modulus silicone and high modulus silicone have varying tensile strengths. Low modulus sealants are better suited for outdoor usage because they can adapt to expansion joints that undergo greater movement. Conversely, high modulus sealants are best for interior joints and contain anti-fungicides that prevent bacterial growth in moist areas, such as bathrooms. 
What types of materials can you work on? 
We are able to work on a variety of materials such as metal, glass, finished walls, armor coating, tiles, internal surfaces, vinyl, natural stone, timber, brick work, as well as structural and external surfaces. 
How much does a mastic man cost? 
As a mastic man, we provide affordable services and can provide a free quote at your location with no obligation. It's highly recommended to hire a professional silicone applicator to prevent damaging your newly installed surfaces. 
Where can Gould Silicone Sealants work? 
Our team of experts in mastic can work in both national and international settings. 

Reach out to our friendly team for your free quote 

If you have any questions or need a free quote, please get in touch with us and we'll get back to you as a matter of priority. 
We look forward to working with you on your project. 
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