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Gould Silicone Sealants Ltd provide best mastic sevices as we understand that your home is incredibly important after spending thousands of pounds. No matter if you have your own house or if you manage a club of hotels, we as sealant specialist will help you to get your house or rooms properly sealed and protected from damage, mould or water leaks. 
Mastic application is vital to ensure protection from these issues, it is our job to give your room that perfect finish. 
The application of Mastic should always be carried out by a professional to guarantee a high quality finish to protect your home, our team of experienced Mastic Man will also make sure that the correct silicone sealant is used. Our main goal is to leave you with a finish that you are happy with and confident of the protection it provides. 
Gould Silicone Sealants Ltd are professional Silicone Sealant Applicators providing excellent mastic services. We take pride in providing only the highest quality service in both the commercial and domestic customers throughout London and surrounding areas. 
If you are looking for a Mastic Man in Essex, contact us today for a FREE quote! 
Stairs with White Mastic joins
The Professional Commercial and Domestic  
Silicone & Mastic Company in Essex. 
Our Experienced Mastic Man can provide the  
following services : 
Shower Tray Sealing 
Kitchen Specialists 
Bathroom Sealant Services 
New Builds Sealant Services 
Bora Hobs / Recessed Hobs 
Glazing Frames 
Exterior Works 
Expansion Joints 
Site Work 
Dusted Joints 
Swimming Pools 
Much much more, contact us today for more details. 
Leave it to Gould Silicone Sealants Ltd 
We only use the highest quality Mastic ensuring a long lasting  
and perfect finish. 


Looking for a professional Silicone Sealant company in Essex? 
Eventually all silicone could age and need to be replaced from construction sealant companies. This particularly happens mostly in the bathroom where the mastic is subjected to the bacterias getting into the silicone. 
If you require old silicone to be cut and removed then this is no problem for our experienced professionals. We use only the best quality mastic sealant and gurantee a immaculate finish. 
Contact us today to discuss your Mastic sealant needs with our highly experienced team. 
Silicone Sealing works in Essex 
A stairway in a commercial building needed silicone between the joins in the stonework to make the finish more seamless, we had a few floors to complete and used a colour similar to the grout used in the walls. 
A fresh new kitchen install in Essex required to have silicone along the worktops and also underneath the sink lip to make sure that no water would get to places where it could cause damage. 
Mastic in expansion joints on stairway
New kitchen with mastic along worktop joins and sink
Mastic Silicone Sealant services near you! 
Gould Silicone Sealants Ltd, as mastic sealant company provide their services to the South East of the UK. Which includes the following areas :  
Look no further than Gould Silicone Sealants Ltd for a professional Mastic Guy near you! 
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