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Get a perfect sealant solution from Gould Silicone Sealants 
Are you in need of professional mastic services in Brighton and the surrounding areas? Look no further! Gould Silicone Sealants has got you covered. 
With over 40 years of experience as highly rated sealant and mastic professionals, we are well-equipped to handle all types of sealant applications. Our impeccable service and flawless finish have made us the preferred choice for both domestic and commercial clients across a wide range of industries. 
Whether you need help with expansion joints, movement joints, sanitary seals, bespoke sealing requirements or any other type of sealant application, we have a professional mastic man with years of expertise and high quality resources to provide you with a perfect solution. 
Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quote. 

Specialist Sealant Applicator in Brighton 

Sealants are essential in creating an airtight and watertight barrier, preventing water ingress and air leaks that can cause damage to buildings. In addition to protecting structures from moisture, air, and mould, the seal also provides insulation, reduces noise levels and improves energy efficiency. 
There are various types of sealants available on the market, but silicone sealant stands out as one of the most versatile and durable options. It is resistant to extreme temperatures, UV rays and chemicals, making it ideal for both interior and exterior use. 
At Gould Silicone Sealants, we only use high-quality silicone sealants that are proven to withstand the test of time. Our expert mastic man Brighton will ensure nothing short of a perfect finish, providing a long-lasting solution for your sealing needs. 


Benefits of our Mastic Man in Brighton 

At Gould Silicone Sealants, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive mastic services for: 
Domestic projects 
Commercial projects 
Residential construction sites 
Industrial and warehouse environments 
High access areas 
By choosing our services, you can rest assured that you're getting the best of the best, as we are accredited by CHAS, CITB, CSCS, IOSH, IPAF, NAPFIS, and PAL. 
Our experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with various types of sealants. 

Our sealant range includes 

Modified Polymer 
Acrylic Sealant 
Low Modulus 
Mid Modulus 
High Modulus 
Anti-Fungal Silicone 
Anti Pick Mastic / Silicone 
Natural Stone Mastic / Silicone 
Non Bleeding Mastic / Silicone 
Minimalistic sink with Mastic
Bath with white mastic around horizontal and vertical joins

Why choose Gould Silicone Sealants? 

Not only are we skilled and experienced, but we are also fully compliant with all risk and method statements. By choosing our services, you're guaranteed a flawless finish every time. 
But don't just take our word for it! Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say: 
"The team from Gould Silicone Sealants provided an excellent service. They completed our warehouse sealing project on time and to the highest standard. Their attention to detail and professional approach was refreshing. Can't recommend them enough!" 
- Laura W., Project Manager 
"I recently had my bathroom renovated, and the mastic man from Gould Silicone Sealants did a fabulous job with sealing around the shower and bath areas. Punctual, polite, and highly skilled. Highly recommended for domestic projects!" 
- Sarah J., Homeowner 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How long do your sealants last? 
A: Our expertly applied sealants are long-lasting and durable. Depending on the type of sealant used and exposure to harsh conditions, our sealants can last upwards of 10 years or more. 
Q: Are your services available outside of Brighton? 
A: Yes, we provide our first-class mastic services throughout Brighton and the surrounding areas of West Sussex. Please get in touch with us to discuss further. 
Q: How long does it take for mastic sealant application to cure? 
A: The curing time for our sealants typically ranges from 24 to 48 hours. However, this may vary depending on the specific product used, as well as environmental factors like humidity and temperature. 

Ready for a Flawless Finish? Get in Touch Today! 

Make the smart choice and trust the experts at Gould Silicone Sealants for your mastic needs. We guarantee you won't be disappointed! 
Don't wait any longer! Contact us today to discuss your specific mastic requirements and get a free, no-obligation quote. 
Our friendly customer service team is waiting to assist you. 
Mastic Silicone Sealant services near you! 
Gould Silicone Sealants Ltd provide their services to the South East of the UK this includes the following areas :  
Look no further than Gould Silicone Sealants Ltd for a professional Mastic Man near you! 
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